McHenry County Emergency Management Agency
McHenry County Flooding Update
JULY 13TH 3:40 PM

Rain events in McHenry County this week have caused widespread storm water ponding in low areas, water over roads, and stream and river flooding. The County is currently monitoring the Fox River for flooding, which is expected to rise more during the next week and possibly crest higher than the 2008 and 2013 flood events.

Boats should be secured and vulnerable items should be moved from low areas. Residents with low lying property may also benefit from properly constructing sandbag levees adjacent to their homes and properties.

Sand and sandbags may be acquired at the following locations.

Algonquin Township – 847-639-2700 x6
– Can be picked up behind Building 5 (long building) (3702 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake)

Burton Township – 815-790-5426
– Contact Dan Sutton, Road Commissioner

McHenry Township – 815-385-3076
– Can be picked up at Senior Center Parking Lot (3703 N Richmond Road, Johnsburg)

Nunda Township – 815-459-4410
– Can be picked up at road district office (3518 Bay Road, Crystal Lake) – call beforehand & provide number of sandbags needed

Please contact the Township Highway Departments for additional information or instructions.

McHenry County Department of Health recommends the following steps to minimize health hazards due to flooding:

• Do not attempt to enter or cross flooded streams or rivers. Floodwaters can be very powerful. Even streams, rivers, and areas of standing water that appear to be calm or shallow can be very dangerous.

• Avoid contact with floodwater if possible. Flood water can contain organisms that may cause disease. Prevent children and pets from playing in or drinking water left in puddles or flooded areas.

• Consult a physician about obtaining a tetanus booster if you work in or walk through floodwaters. People with open cuts or other wounds should take extreme care when walking through floodwaters due to the possibility of contracting tetanus. In general, people who have had a tetanus shot within the past 10 years will not need to be re vaccinated. However, those who acquire a wound and who have not had a tetanus shot within 5 to 10 years may need a tetanus booster.

• If you have a private well, check its condition. If the well casing is submerged, surface water may have entered the well and contaminated the drinking water. In these cases, you should not drink the water until the flood waters have receded and the water from the well is tested and shown to meet drinking water standards. Contact Environmental Health at (815) 334-4585 for well testing information.

• Check for safety hazards before entering a flooded home or basement. Make sure that no electrical or other safety hazards, such as leaking gas, exist.

For additional flood safety and management resources, please visit
More info @
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July 15, 2017 at 09:20PM


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